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Alberta Bair Theater

Capital Campaign

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We have begun a historic journey to expand and improve the Alberta Bair Theater. It’s been 32 years since the old Fox Theatre was renovated to become our beloved Alberta Bair Theater. In that time tens of thousands of people have attended performances to Tony awarded Broadway musicals, Grammy Awarded musicians and the best of ballet and modern dance, as well as theatre for all ages. As stewards of ABT and its legacy of excellence, we must again renovate and expand the theater to continue bringing world class entertainment to our region.

More than half of the $13.6 million renovation budget addresses infrastructure needs. Included in the renovation and expansion:

Main Floor Lobby & Concessions

Stage Rigging System

New Audio System

Balcony Lobby & Concessions

Upgraded Seats

New Lighting System

Increased Restrooms on Main Floor and Mezzanine


Acoustic Treatments affectionately called “cheeks” and “eyebrow”

ADA Compliancy throughout the theater


Building Code Requirements

Grand Staircase

New Ticket Office

Digital Marquee

We are fortunate several organizations, families and individuals understand the value Alberta Bair Theater adds to our region in terms of quality of life and community as well as economic impact and have risen to the challenge as philanthropic leaders.

These are exciting times and we invite you to be a part of Alberta Bair Theater’s legacy.

Please contact Jan Dietrich for more information at or (406) 294-5201.

The following gifts are current as of November 11, 2019:


C.M. Bair Family Trust

City of Billings (TIF Funding)

Jim & Chris Scott Family Foundation


Dr. Hewes & Susan Agnew


First Interstate Bank and Foundation

Susan Scott Heyneman Foundation

Rick & Nicki Larson Family

Stockman Bank


Carol Brosovich

John & Patricia Burg

Carolyn K. Ennis Trust

Cynthia L. Foster

John W. & Carol L.H. Green

Jeff Lindenbaum & Joan Sorenson

Laurence R. & Ruth Martin

Linda & Denny Menholt

Joseph S. Sample

Lee & Denise Scherer

Treacy Foundation


Frank & Shelley Haughton

Bill & Mary Underriner



Robert & Cindy Beers

Tim & Mindy Brocopp

Buchanan Family

Jody & Cyndy Desin

Jay & Brittainy Doucette

William & Kim Gottwals

Alex & Andrea Heyneman

Kampgrounds of America

Langlas & Associates

Dave & Gini Langlas

Benjamin & Mary Lou Marchello

Sam & Judy McDonald Foundation

Gavin & Brooke Murphy

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Ron & Karin Smith

Ron & Amy Yates


Randy & Cheryl Bentley

Briggs Distributing Company, Inc.

Bill & Anne Cole

Steve & Jennifer Corning

Anne K. Dietrich

David & Jan Dietrich

Dr. Paul Grmoljez & Alice Gordon

Brian & Molly Harrington

Chuck Hingle & Susan Ogden

Wayne & Traci Hirsch

Dr. Robert R. Hylton in memory of Bobbi Hylton

David & Judy Johnson

Dave & Elaine Kinnard

Lynn Marquardt & Jim Gutenkauf

Bruce C. & Susan L. Nelson

Jase O. Norsworthy

Terry & Patty Payne

Walt & Mary Peet

Duncan & Jenna Peete

Mark & Christine Randak

Jim & Lin Roscoe

Bill & Laverne Royer

Sanderson Stewart

Ralph & Tancy Spence

Paige Spalding & James Hummel

U.S. Bank

Valley Credit Union


Kathleen Benoit-Whiteley & Craige Whiteley

Janet Carpenter

Nick & Linda Cladis

Bruce Ennis & Margaret Davis

Fortin Foundation of Florida

Jon & Suzanne Graeve

Kirk & Brittney Jensen

Doug & Shannon Jensen

Joel & Andrea Long

Greg & Eileen McDonald

Paul & Ann Miller

Moulton Bellingham PC

Dale & Judy Peterson

James R. & Amy Reger

Barbara Sample

George & Patricia Selover

Linda Shelhamer & Stephen Haraden

Corby Skinner

William H & Suzanne Smoot

Jock & Gayle West


Steve & Elsie Arntzen

Steve & Patti Ballock

Bruce & Susan Barrow

Sam & Catherine Bergman

Richard & Cheri Cox

Gene & Joy Culver

Brad & Lisa Griffin

Chris & Tracy Hoiness

Doug & Kathy James

Andrew & Paulette Laszlo Foundation

James & Joy Mariska

Clayton & Joan McCracken

NorthWestern Energy

PayneWest Insurance

Bill & Sally Toner


Vera M. Abrams

Carita & Bernard Adams

Rich & Kathy Aldrich

Carol S. Anderson in honor of Ron Yates

Glenn Anderson

Roberta Anner-Hughes & Edward Hughes

Susan Baack

Nancy D. Barbula

Beverly Bates Hall

Beasley Family (Ben, Lindsey, Rigel, Hazel, & Zuri)
in memory of Dick Hayes

Jeanette & Arnie Bejot

Robb & Heather Bergeson

Leslie Blair in memory of Gloria Blair

John & Judy Boehmke

Jill Boyd

Gayla Bradberry

Joseph K. Bradford

Bill & Janie Brown

Rockwood Brown

Scott & Deb Brown

Evan & Amy Buchan in honor of Randy & Cheryl Bentley

Mark & Karen Chaput

Dee Dee Chiesa

Caitlin & Ryan Colbert

Stan & Fay Danielsen

William & Colette Davies

Kate & Adam Delavan

John & Chris Dorr

Alan & Amy Drain

Walter Egged in memory of Karen Olson Egged

Carol Frederick

Angus & Marjorie Fulton

Robert Gallagher in memory of Marlene Gallagher

Dr. Mike Geurin

Catherine Glennon

Jody Grant

Monika Gray

Todd & Julie Grebe

Jack Griffin

Robert & Kathy Griffin

Glenn & Sally Griffin

Caron Griffith

Gary & Jean Grocholski

Steven & Carole Grosch

Fran Gunn

Norma L. Hahn

Kristin Hammler in memory of Dr. Roland L. Grant

Kevin & Shirley Halverson

Dick & Suzanne Hardt

Dr. Donald Harr

Kathleen Healy

Charles & Valeria Heyneman

Stephen Hoklin

ISU Streeter Brothers Insurance, Inc.

Diane Boyer Jerhoff

Pam Jones & Ed Hahn

John & Barbara Junnila

Frank & Margo Kelley

Jan & Harry Kessner

Gareld & Barbara Krieg

Diane & Ted Kylander

LeFever Family – The Monte Bar & Casino

Claire Leslie

Adam & Danielle Liberty

Shelly Loveless

Jerry Lydiatt

Jerry & Beth A. Madsen

Terry & Sandra Mammenga

Sherrie Murray

Travis & Meadow Nilles

Richard & Gretchen Nolan

Jane Ohnstad

Dave & Jane Oltrogge

Wayne Opperud

Mary & Phil Parker

Lori Petersen

Ken & Leslie Pitman

Marcella Prinkki

Robert Quam

Daniel Ranch in honor of Clifford Potts

Charlie & Audrey Reed

Sharon Roland

Jeremiah Rouane

Ann Ruehr

Russiff Auto Service, Inc.

Beverly Schock

Robert & Nancy Schultz

Alan J. Schuyler in memory of Paul & Betty Schuyler

Robert & Jan Singer

Linda Snider

Margaret Steckel

Sharon Steppler

John & Susan Stewart

Ruth Terry

Arlo Thomas

Linda & Pete Trask

Teri VandenBrink

Bill & Darlene Vanderloos

Shayla Walker

Joseph & Gloria Weiss in honor of Jean F. Brown