Bringing the excitement of the Performing Arts to Big Sky Country

05.13.25 - 7:30pm

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The Champions Of Magic team present incredible illusions with supercars, an impossible escape from Houdini’s water torture cell, a mind-blowing prediction that has to be seen to be believed, levitation high above the stage and a finale beyond explanation. The show features original magic that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Hollie England: A trained dancer and musical theatre performer, Hollie’s magic is about trying to create something uniquely beautiful.

Alex McAleer: Possessing the uncanny ability to apparently tap into his audiences’ minds and read their thoughts at will, Alex McAleer has wowed audiences across the world.

Fernando Velasco: From strait jackets to water tanks and handcuffs to giant steel traps, Fernando faces some of the deadliest escape stunts ever performed.

Young & Strange: What started as a childhood friendship cemented by their love of magic has evolved into one of the most spectacular illusion acts in the world, featured on TV shows around the glo


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