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03.15.22 - 7:30PM



** update January 26, 2022**

From the tour manager of U.S. Navy Band: Unfortunately, we must cancel the Navy Band tour performance [Alberta Bair Theater was] scheduled to sponsor. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. While we have done our best to coordinate a wide variety of local and state health and safety guidelines with Navy and Department of Defense travel regulations, we have been unable to assemble a cohesive tour that is safe for the public.  We are hoping that when we return to the area in five years, that we will be able to schedule a tour performance with you.

We understand that this is disappointing and frustrating, especially given the amount of work that goes into hosting these performances. To best and responsibly use taxpayer dollars, we minimize non-performance days while we have an ensemble traveling. Given dynamic local health guidelines, differences between jurisdictions, and the ever-present possibility of cancellations, we could not in good faith attempt to manage a tour as we normally would.

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