Bringing the excitement of the Performing Arts to Big Sky Country

04.01.23 - 8:00pm

TICKETS: $40.00, $35.00, $30.00 + non-refundable fees

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Ten roasters enter Alberta Bair Theater, filled with savage comedy fans ready to burn their opponent to a crisp with some of the most brutal jokes their demented minds can muster. These bits won’t be for the faint of heart, so expect full on bloodthirsty assaults, where no topic is off-limits. These comedians will take turns verbally assaulting each other, and as the audience votes alongside our panel of celebrity judges, the bracket will dwindle down until only our final two roasters remain.

Who will be the Ultimate Comedy Roast Battle Champion of the World? We’ll all find out on April 1st at Alberta Bair Theater.


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Sat 10AM - 2PM
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