Bringing the excitement of the Performing Arts to Big Sky Country

11.15.23 - 7:30pm

TICKETS: $99.00, $69.00, $59.00, $49.00 + non-refundable fees

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A message from Ryan Adams:

“To my dear fans

First of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for making all the shows last year and this so incredibly special. It’s been all the dreams at once and even on the toughest of nights you have made it a dream.

Behind the scenes however I have been struggling with my health. My sobriety has been my anchor and as year two approaches I thank God for that clarity.

I always give the shows everything I have and as anyone who saw the solo tour last year knows I play 3 hours or longer. I have to play the long game here so I can keep playing for you as long as I can. For me to be at my best, I have to recover from what has been a relentless spell of illness.

As a result, my solo shows for this year are postponed. We will reschedule as many of those shows as possible for 2024. I am so sorry to all the folks who have already bought tickets and we’re excited for the solo shows.

The Cardinals third and final leg will still be happening as scheduled.  Rest assured… I aim to be in top fighting condition for The Cardinals fall tour and hope to see some of you there. That last show at Red Rocks is gonna be one for the books.

There will be lots of cool surprises via PAXAM coming very soon while I’m powering back up, so don’t fret.

I love you all.

Thank you for being my roc




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