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07.30.21 - 7:30pm


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By invitation only

GILDA HOUSE invites you to the ABT to experience the new album AB Side A; a journey through dark synth wave, upbeat 80’s rhythm, rasping instrumentation, aching thematic build, and bubbly sexy melody.  Meg Gildehaus, formerly of Arterial Drive, produces music born from communing with the darkness of the American feminine, leaning into an emotional glam brood, both uplifting and lyrical.

This event will be filmed as a music video to celebrate the new album and the historic theater’s reopening to the Billings community.  Please join Meg Gildehaus (vocals), Tony Morales (guitar/synths), and Zak Bracy (drums) to document this moment together.


M-F 10AM - 5PM
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