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10.11.22 - 9:30am (Student Matinee)

10.11.22 - 12:30pm (Student Matinee)

10.11.22 - 7:30pm

TICKETS: $22.00, $17.00; $12.00 Student + non-refundable fees

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Right in the Eye (En plein dans l’œil) is a multi-media show composed of 12 films by Georges Méliès, a pioneer of the Cinema and a wizard of special effects.

On stage, three virtuoso musicians play some fifty different instruments, including rare and unique ones, breathing fresh impetus into these cinematographic gems.

In a subtly-staged setting, in perfect symbiosis with the imagery, the musicians transport us in an inventive production, performed both onstage and onscreen, that reflects the creative genius of Méliès.



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Sat 10AM - 2PM
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