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Alberta Bair Theater


Alberta Bair Theater Technical Information

Technical Director
Jack Griffin
P.O. Box 1556
Billings, MT 59103
Phone (406) 245-0625


Alberta Bair Theater (ABT) is a completely renovated 1931 Fox vaudeville movie house with standard proscenium configuration. The stage house and the orchestra level seating have been realigned by ten degrees, creating a much larger stage, some interesting angles and few problems. One existing support column located in the stage right wing, remains for structural reasons. An orchestra pit with room for about 40 musicians is under the front sections and apron of the stage, with the apron on a hydraulic lift. The Lighting Control Booth is located at the rear of the orchestra level, center, and the Sound Control Booth is at the front of the balcony, house right. Lights and the Act Curtain can be controlled from the Stage Manager station, stage left. Fly Gallery is above stage right wing.


Total Seats – 1394
Orchestral Level – 736  Continental Plan
Upper Level – 658  Standard Plan
Loge – 202
Balcony – 456
Wheel Chair Spaces – 7 and 7 companion seats for a capacity of 14 additional patrons added to total seats

Locating a road sound and or light board at the rear of the theater main floor, eliminates 32 seats and 1 Wheel Chair seat.

Equipment and Scenery Loading

Stage: Stage left rear wall through door form alley. No loading dock. Stage is level with alley. Alley width – 20′. Vehicles must be moved unless loading is in progress. Loading Door Size: 5’10” wide, 12′ high.


Access to the dressing room area is through the orchestra pit using the stage hydraulic lift, and gentle ramps. Crates up to 3’0″ wide by 6’0″ long by 6’0″ high can be taken into the central area between dressing rooms. Dressing room door width restricted to 2’10”.

Dressing Rooms

There are two Private and two Chorus dressing rooms. The Chorus dressing rooms have a capacity of 15 and 25. All dressing rooms are carpeted and have sinks, toilets, showers, make up counters with chairs, mirrors (on the wall and full length), lights, and permanent wardrobe racks. A central area between the two chorus rooms has a phone, drinking fountain, Pepsi machine, blackboard, bulletin board, table and chairs. Both private dressing rooms have phone lines available. A small Green Room is also available. The Green Room also can be used as additional temporary dressing rooms, if necessary and if requested in advance. A laundry with washer, dryer, deep sink, full length mirror, steamer, and ironing equipment is also available. The sound from the stage is broadcast to all areas of the theater.