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Alberta Bair Theater

Gabriel Royal & Supaman

Alberta Bair Theater - Gabriel Royal & Supaman

March 22Friday 12:30pm



Call 256-6052 for tickets

Recommended for grades 6-12+ Music unites. Oklahoma-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter cellist Gabriel Royal plays his "grown up lullabies" in the subway stations of New York City. That's where he found his lawyer, his manager, his cello and where he continues to find a genuine connection with his inspiration: the commuters of New York. Influenced by Stevie Wonder's groove and contemporary artist John Legend, Gabriel's trademark sound is all his own.

As a member of the "Apsaalooke Nation," Supaman makes his home in Montana. "Supaman" hardly describes the person who is Christian Takes Gun Parrish, a humble Native American dancer and hip hop artist who has dedicated his life to empowering youth and educating listeners with a message of hope through culture and music. His three self-produced projects have all received national recognition and awards including the 2011 North American Indigenous Image Award for outstanding hip hop album.

The public is welcome to attend and sit in any open seat once the bused students have been seated.