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Alberta Bair Theater

My Father's Dragon

Alberta Bair Theater - My Father's Dragon

January 26Friday 9:30am & 12:30pm



Call 256-6052 for tickets

At the beginning of the play we meet all the actors and are introduced to some of the modes we'll be using to tell our story, including masks, puppets and scenic projections.
The narrator (the voice of the play) introduces the beginning of the adventure where we meet nine year old Elmer Elevator and discover that he loves animals. Elmer frees the family canary, Flute, from his cage and then invites an old alley cat into his house. Elmer's mother doesn't want a dirty alley cat inside and sends her away. Elmer is frustrated with his mother for being mean to the cat and wishes that he could just fly away himself. The cat tells Elmer she knows how he can fly -- on the back of a dragon! Recommended for grades 2-6.