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Alberta Bair Theater

On Golden Pond

Alberta Bair Theater - On Golden Pond

February 05Monday 7:30pm


$30; Student $17


Montana Repertory Theatre

On Golden Pond is an American treasure. Many of us are familiar with the story through the Academy Award- winning film with Henry and Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. Others have attended one of the literally thousands of productions this extraordinary play has received over the years. Something deep and profound resonates through the events that unfold in this American masterpiece brilliantly penned by Ernest Thompson.

Beguilingly simple, this tale of a single family and how they pull apart and then find each other has been touching audiences for decades and generations. We at Montana Rep feel it is time to reintroduce this quintessentially American play to our audiences.

This play has endured because it deals with a family in crisis in a humane, poetic, and often very funny way. It continues to resonate because we all have mothers and fathers, we all cope with aging, and we have all experienced being lost -- and hopefully found. It is this dynamic, this finding of family and the love therein, that keeps On Golden Pond forever relevant.